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Civil Matters: Houston Car Accidents

Car accidents are serious matters and can be extremely devastating for all involved parties. In Houston there are car accidents everyday, making the tragedy a way of life. Even when multiple lives are lost fatal accidents barely ever make the news. Tragic.

Victims of automobile accidents are not only the direct victim, but the family members of the persons involved are also victims too. The injured will suffer physically and mentally while family members will also suffer mental anguish.

Car Wrecks Cause Property Damage

Then there’s the matter of property damage. Car & trucks are big ticket items. In other words, 10’s of thousands, and in some cases, 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of automotive property damage has occurred, which will need to be compensated.

If a car wreck occurs, automobiles and likely other private property may have been damaged, and will need to be paid for and replaced. This is where personal injury & civil lawsuits come into play. People involved in car accidents, especially the people who aren’t at fault, will have to foot the bill for thousands of dollars in medical expenses in addition to finding a way to compensate for lost wages. In others, victims of auto accidents have their hands full.

Adding Insult to Personal Injury

To add insult to injury, these mishaps are often the result of negligence, or in other words, a deliberate failure to safely operate a motor vehicle. If negligence can be proven, it will give you a good reason to hire a Houston car accident lawyer or a Houston tort litigation lawsuit attorney for the purpose of pursuing compensation, legally.


Once proven, the liable party will be responsible for paying for your vehicle, covering the cost of your medical expenses, and other damages. Due to the fact that the insurance racket has been legalized, the stage is set for attorneys to milk insurance companies for all they can, and the good do it for a living.

Houston, TX & Auto Accidents: A Marriage

Everyday and most weekends in Houston we can find massive traffic tie ups on the freeway system. US-59 (now I-69) is often plagued with downtown bottlenecks, the poorly designed 610 interchange near I45 North always backs up, and the ignorance of poorly designed freeway systems, low speed limits, and numbskull Sunday drivers all serve to make driving in Houston a shitty experience to say the least, which frustrates some drivers. With thousands of frustrated drivers on the roadways, one can understand how steering wheel belligerence can lead to car accidents, property damage, and death.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident in Houston, contact an attorney right away to learn more about your legal options.