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Capital Punishment, and The State of Texas

The debate continues across the United States, and the rest of the world, in regard to the so-called inhumanity of the death penalty in modern society. It’s quite understandable to be quite frank.

With the heavily promoted pussification of masculinity, and other morality suppression devices deployed by media, it’s no wonder why the American people have become such pacifist who are willing to let people get away with murder, and allow a child molester to sit in jail rather than be immediately castrated, and put to death once the pain stops.

How would you feel if your four-year-old daughter was raped and viciously sodomized by a grown man whose tool was probably as big as her leg?

My point exactly.

Unfortunately, we don’t execute child molesters in the United States of America. I’m sorry; I’ve gotten off-topic. My original intention was to make a logical case for the death penalty, but somehow I’ve gotten emotional and let my personal feelings get involved and here we are.

If we get rid of the death penalty, then we need to make it lawful for family members of the dead or raped victim to kill the attacker or attackers.