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Is The Best Defense Lawyer Best For You?

Any form of criminal charge that you face has the potential for being a life-changing situation that you and your family will have to deal with for years to come.

The State of Texas is serious about law enforcement and public safety and if you’re ever caught in their scope there will be hell to pay. The biggest payment you will pay in cash that’s tendered in the form of your freedom. Loss of freedom is the first bad thing about prison, among others.

The Bad Thing about Prison

Aside from the obvious loss of freedom and the many inconveniences that accompanies such a fate, there’s a strong possibility that you can be killed in prison in a fight, and infectious disease, or by a heart attack brought on by stress.

Other members of your family may suffer due to stress related syndromes related to your absence. The absolute worst thing about prison is the loss of freedom and separation from family.

This fate must be avoided at all cost, and the best way to do that is by retaining a strong criminal defense lawyer that can help you. The last thing you want to do is get entangled with indigent defense. Not that public defenders aren’t any good, it’s just that they have a hell of a caseload. You don’t need that in your life when your life is on the line.

The Importance of a Strong Criminal Defense in Houston

To find a perfect lawyer can be a daunting task even for the most well-connected and savvy among us. However, this is a task that will need to be accomplished if you are to have a chance at avoiding jail. There are many professional legal minds that call the Houston, Texas area their home, which should be considered if you’re looking for a Houston defense attorney that can win for you.

It’s important that the criminal defense lawyer that you choose demonstrate a high level of competence with regard to cases like yours. You don’t need a lawyer who has most of his experience with murder defense if you’ve been accused of a drug crime.

By the same token, the best criminal defense lawyer in Texas can’t help you if they’re not admitted into federal court, granted that you’ve been indicted by a federal grand jury. This is why it’s important to do a little bit of research on any criminal defense attorney that you’re considering for your case, no matter how much experience they have or how good they are.

The Texas Criminal Justice System

There are many innocent and guilty people in jail, and as far as the innocent ones are concerned, the state of Texas doesn’t give a damn. The guilty aren’t much better off as I know of a few young men serving 60 year sentences for being caught with a few rocks of crack cocaine.

Image Source: ABC
Image Source: ABC

Justice is swift, harsh, and normally final when divvied out by the state of Texas. The only exception being when there’s a problem found with DNA evidence which has led to the exoneration of innocent men who have wasted countless years of their lives in prison for crimes they did not commit. This alone is even more reason behind our advocacy of you taking the time to find suitable legal counsel in the event that you are in the crosshairs of the Texas criminal justice apparatus.

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