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Teenagers, Marijuana, and The Law

There are a number of reasons that teenagers experiment with marijuana with the main one being that of rebelliousness. After the euphoria of breaking the law, some teens end up enjoying use of the drug for recreational purposes while others stray and go back to being the sober teens they should be.


In a number of instances, juvenile crimes are committed when a police officer finds on the possession of a young person any quantity of marijuana. In some cases the police will make the offender dispose of the drug, while in other case juvenile criminal charges are filed.

Regardless of what the situation may be, it is always advisable to educate your young children about the terrible effects that having a criminal background will have on any potential future they may have. Parents should always consult with a criminal defense attorney when their children are charged with criminal offenses. A good criminal defense lawyer will be able to fight the charge and ensure that criminal records are sealed.

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