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Texas High School Scandal: From Topping the Academic World to the Bottom

Texas is known for their excellent school districts. They have a variety of public and private schools to choose from. A public school in Houston, Texas was famous for their advanced placement English department taught by Dr. William Rolland, who received a Ph.D. in literature from Harvard University. He has written letters of recommendation to help high school students gain admission to prestigious universities to learn pre-law. He has been teaching in Houston, Texas for about 3 years and has been a wonderful mentor and friends to the students. However, things are about to change when he meets Carley Chambers.

Who is Carley Chamber?

Carley Chamber is a 16-year-old cheerleader, 4.0 GPA, well-rounded student who wish to become a Houston sexual assault charge defense lawyer in the future. She enrolled in Dr. Rolland’s AP English class in hopes of receiving a prestigious recommendation letter from him. They immediately became attracted to each other and there was evidence of inappropriate flirting and affection. Dr. Rolland is 33 years old and is often seen driving off with Carley after her cheerleading practice.

What happened to Carley Chamber?

One night Dr. Rolland took Carley to a small party gathering. He gave her alcohol and took advantage of her. She was intoxicated and he took her virginity. He drove her back home, and she woke up with a huge hangover. Unfortunately, she realizes that she was very sore in the genital region and felt very uncomfortable. Her parents took her to the OBY-GYN doctor for an examination. They found out that she has been penetrated while she was drunk, and the DNA sample points to Dr. Rolland.

How does Texas handle a case like this?

The age of consent is 17, and if anyone over the age of 18 has sex with someone who is below the age of 17, will be charged with statutory rape. This is a serious felony case that could lead to a criminal record and life in prison. Anyone below the age of 17 is not mentally and physically mature enough to deal with this type of sexual assault. It can lead to a lot of confusion, anxiety, and problems. Plus, minors are not experienced with these types of social settings so they can easily be taken advantage.

What happened to Dr. Rolland?

Because there is strong evidence of vaginal penetration and that he is involved with the minor, he will be sentenced with 8 years in prison and will not be able to teach in any school again. He will have a criminal record and labeled as a sex offender. The Harris County criminal court also treated this as a sexual assault case because the victim was not at the age of consent and was intoxicated at the time this had happened. Therefore, Dr. Rolland has committed a serious felony and statutory rape, and should definitely be punished for it.


Carley had to go through therapy and take anti-depressant medications to cope with the aftermath. She often experiences post-traumatic stress disorder along with anxiety and depression. She decided to take some time off from school to focus on herself. Dr. Rolland was once a prestigious Ph.D. teacher and is now spending time in prison. He knows that after prison, he will not be able to get a job because of his record. He decided to write a book while and sell copies to share his side of the story. Hopefully, he can create a business out of it and thrive.

Both Carley and Dr. Rolland were on top of their academic career, but one false move has left them both on the bottom pit.