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Texas; A Haven for Sex Crimes

Sexual assault has become a rampant crime in Texas. Most sexual offenders have good lawyers who represent them in order to either clear their names in the event they’re innocent, or for the purpose of mitigating damages in the event they’re guilty.

Registering sex offenders in Texas is now a requirement, even if the crime was committed outside Texas, the individual is required to register in the sex offender registry.

Sexual offenses that require registration are usual misdemeanor cases or felony cases. Sexual assault offense registration in Texas is required if the offender is on parole or supervision. If a sex offender is wanted or breaks his parole he stands a chance to be given a lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Misdemeanor Cases

In the case of Jose a 17-year-old who was accused of rape, his offense got him a 10-year registration requirement. Reason being he was a juvenile at the time. Also if the case was based on delinquent conduct, The registration ends on the 10-year after the rape incident.

Most criminal acts like kidnapping and unlawful restraint where the victims raped, Were younger than the age of 17, a 10-year registration is required.

In Texas misdemeanor Sex crimes are

  • Indecent fondling of a young child
  • Conspiracy to commit rape or any sexual assault on a minor.
  • Soliciting a minor online
  • Sexual abuse of a child
  • Prostitution of a Minor
  • Soliciting sex from a minor

All these sexual offenses in Texas carry a 10-year registration in the sex offender registry. Offenses, such as prostitution and solicitation of prostitution of a minor, can also be charged with a felony. All these depends on the criminal history and the facts of the case.

What makes Sexual assault a felony case?

A lifetime registration as a Sex offender is required for cases which are extreme. Maria was sexually abused by her father when she was 2 years old. When he was apprehended, he was registered on the sex offenders registry. Several years later, he was convicted of taking photographic photos of children around a community in Cleveland, Texas. Lawyers for the affected victims charged him with a suit of continuous sexual abuse of a minor.

This offense among several others, if committed by a sex offender are usually registered on a lifetime Sex Offender Registry. These are regarded as Felony sex crimes. Cases like Kidnapping with intent to abuse the victim

Promoting child porn

If the offender has committed such a crime in another state, He faces a lifetime registration as a sex offended even if he flees to Texas

Using a date rape drug

It is important you seek the services of a qualified sex crimes defense lawyer if you’ve been accused of a felony sex crime.

Can a Texas sex offender deregister?

In cases where you are found not pose a danger to the community. You could be offered a sex offender deregistration.a house bill passed in 2005 in Texas which allows deregistration of sex offenders. This is only for persons which have not indulged in any other sexual crime case.

In an article written by Alysia Santo on Texas being the rape capital of the US. Where a prison nurse which exchanges prescription medication for sexual relation with the inmates. One of the inmates reported the advances made by the prison nurse. He was wired by the prison officers to prove the accusation. A sexual relationship between inmates and staff in Texas prisons is punishable by two years in prison. A lot of other inmates reported being pressured for a sexual relationship with the prison nurse. This is one of the reasons that Texas is regarded as a state where sex abuse is at a high rate.