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The Revolving Door of the Harris County Jail

I’ve been to the Harris County jail in downtown Houston a few times to visit clients, friends, and for my own mistakes. One thing I can say is that when I do visit the Harris County Jail, regardless of the reason, I always see someone that I’ve seen before or that I may know or be acquainted with, making their way through processing, or camped in one of the holding tanks.

One of the things I’ve learned in my history of dealing with law and criminals is that people are creatures of habit and will continue to repeat their activity until a drastic change occurs, or in some cases, until they wise up. The same is true of drug addicts, serial killers, womanizers, liars, thieves, fitness fanatics, food Nazis, gossipers, and the rest of the bottom of the barrel of modern society.

In Houston, we have a number of these psychos running around which is why I say the Harris County jail is a revolving door. If you’re in the Houston area and you make a mistake with the law, you can rest assured that they will find space for you in the Harris County Jail.

It doesn’t matter how many times the federal government sanctions Harris County for inhumane prison conditions, when it comes to liking a poor people Texas is a shining example of how to get it done. And the Harris County jail is a museum of fixtures which serve as a product of the oppression the underclass must endure in South Texas.